Shropshire Council

INSPIRE regulations

The INSPIRE Regulation 2009 provides a standards framework for publishing geospatial information.

Local authorities that produce geographic data as part of their statutory duty have to publish some of their data in accordance with the INSPIRE standards.

The aim of INSPIRE is to facilitate better environmental policy across the EU. This will be achieved by:

  • Improving the joining up of and access to existing spatial data across the European Union at a local, regional, national and international level
  • Facilitating improvements in the sharing of spatial data between public authorities
  • Improving public access to spatial data

Shropshire Council datasets falling within the scope of the regulations are published on the DATA.GOV.UK website. You'll need to type ‘Shropshire Council’ in the search box to find them. 

Please note that information is provided for use in accordance with the INSPIRE Public Sector End User Licence as detailed on the DATA.GOV.UK website.

The information published online may not be complete; please contact Shropshire Council for definitive information.