Shropshire Council

Shrewsbury South Sustainable Urban Extension

What is the SUE and how is it being brought forward?

The Shrewsbury South Sustainable Urban Extension (SUE) was identified in the adopted Core Strategy as a strategic location for development to help to meet the town’s future housing and employment needs. The SUE will include the provision of approximately 900 new homes together with 26 hectares of employment land, a local centre, community facilities and public open space. The land in question is off the B4380 (Oteley Road and Thieves Lane), including land by the Greenhous Meadow stadium, Percy Thrower’s Garden Centre, Sutton Grange and Shrewsbury Business Park.

A Masterplan has been prepared to guide the development of the SUE. This was adopted by the Council in November 2012 after a thorough assessment of the characteristics and context of the area and a major public consultation on a draft masterplan. The Masterplan sets out a guiding Vision, a series of development objectives and a set of key design principles, together with an illustrative layout plan and phasing proposals. This is available below.

Next Steps

The development of the SUE will now come forward through a series of planning applications linked to a phasing and delivery strategy to ensure coordination and the provision of necessary infrastructure. Planning permission has already been granted for the redevelopment of the Percy Thrower’s Garden Centre and provision of a Waitrose foodstore as part of the local centre, while an application has been submitted for housing development on the site of the Sutton Grange Nursery is currently being built.