Shropshire Council

Status notification descriptions

When you tell us about a highways network issue using your My Shropshire account you can see how work is progressing as a 'status update' when you're logged into your account. We also let you know when the status changes.

Currently the only statuses you can see are 'in progress' or 'closed', so while we're working to improve this, here is some information to help you understand what these might mean.

In progress

A status of 'in progress' suggests that the problem is either:

  • Waiting for a technician to inspect it, or
  • Has been inspected and a work order has been issued to get it fixed

Potential defects are normally inspected within 48 hours and will be inspected as soon as possible if they represent a potential emergency. On inspection, problems are assessed for their severity and scheduled for repair based on the risk that they represent.


A status of 'closed' could mean several things:

  • A repair has been completed
  • The assessment has determined that no action is required because the problem isn't significant enough to meet our threshold for maintenance work
  • The assessment has determined that while work is needed, the problem can be left until programmed maintenance work at the location is carried out. While the location may not be in the programme of works for some time, the problem itself will continue to be monitored through routine maintenance inspections to ensure that if it deteriorates further remedial action can be taken sooner
  • The assessment has determined that the problem isn't our responsibility to rectify. In this case, the Highways team will notify the responsible authority to advise them of the problem

We'll soon be providing a more detailed notification which will be available in your My Shropshire account explaining which of these approaches has been taken. In the meantime, if you'd like further information on your enquiry, please contact us on 0345 678 9000.