Shropshire Council

Team structure

The Street Works team has two main sub-sections: Enforcement and Coordination.

The Enforcement section 

Aims to ensure that all activities that take place on the highway comply with legislative requirements, and any conditions imposed as part of our permit scheme. We have a team of inspectors who are actively out on site checking site safety and quality of work, permit compliance and gathering evidence of any breaches. We also have a number of office based staff who advise the inspectors and use the evidence gathered on site to enforce the legislation by imposing various penalties for non-compliance. We also monitor performance and work closely with the works promoters to try and improve performance where necessary.

The Coordination section 

Proactively manages and co-ordinates all activities that take place and have potential for causing disruption on the council’s highway network. It assists works promoters with planning in terms of upholding our statutory network management duty. Minimising disruption is always a priority as it's ensured as far as possible that the need for essential works is always balanced with the needs of road users, local communities and businesses.