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Carer assessments

A carer's assessment is an opportunity for you to speak to someone about your caring role and the impact it has on your life. It is not a test to see how well you are caring, but a conversation to identify what support may assist you to maintain your own health and wellbeing.

It will consider the impact providing necessary care and support has on you and includes important aspects such as:

  • Whether you're able and willing to carry on caring
  • Whether you're currently working or want to work in future
  • Whether you want to study or socialise more
  • What can you do to remain well

There are various organisations which can support you in this and you should ensure that you have regular health check-ups and try to stay fit and active and remain independent.

What can carers expect from a Carer Assessment?

  • A frank and open discussion, without judgement, with a Social Care Practitioner (SCP) on what impact caring is having on your life and the support, information and advice you may need to assist you to maintain your own health and wellbeing.
  • Following the discussion you may be connected to other organisations or statutory bodies who are better able to provide the information you require or long term support for you.
  • Information will be given on activities in your local area that may be helpful or of interest to you.
  • Information may be given on appropriate technology enabled care i.e. “Any form of technology that helps us with daily living as we get older or if we have a disability”
  • If appropriate, the SCP may apply for a Direct Payment for you to meet identified needs that arise from providing necessary care in your caring role.

What support is available for carers?

Carers are entitled to receive information and advice to support them in their caring role and to request a carer assessment to receive supportive information and help to identify whether they have any eligible needs.

Shropshire Council Let’s Talk Local (LTL) Hub appointments

These provide an opportunity for you to have a discussion with a Social Care Practitioner (SCP); to chat about your caring role and find support to maintain your wellbeing.

For those who are unable to attend a LTL hub a telephone appointment with a SCP can be arranged for a pre-agreed time.

Crossroads Together 

Commissioned by Shropshire Council to offer support to all carers, which includes:

  • Help with future planning to be able to manage changes in family circumstances and care needs over time
  • Peer Support groups
  • Assistance with completing forms
  • Home visits to provide individually tailored support and information
  • Groups, activities, outings and events across the county
  • Support, information and a mix of social activities for young carers

Anyone who feels they may be fulfilling a care role can contact Crossroads Together directly for information about their services.

Crossroads Together Carers Support helpline during office hours: 01743 341995.   

Or alternatively: 0333 323 1990 option 1 and then option 6

In an emergency

Carers  in an emergency situation that affects their caring responsibilities are advised to contact Shropshire Council’s First Point of Contact – 03456 789044 during office hours and the Emergency Duty Team - 03456 789040 for emergencies out of office hours.  Shropshire Council will use the resources we have already in place to offer appropriate support, doing everything we can to ensure people can stay safe and well at home.

Integrated Community Services (ICS)

ICS support carers at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital (RSH) and some community hospitals. Hospital admissions can be a stressful and worrying time for the whole family. Many family carers begin their caring role following a hospital stay or find the way they support a loved one will need to change or increase. Knowing who to talk with or where to start to look for support can be daunting and overwhelming, especially in the busy environment of a hospital when a loved one is unwell. A Let’s Talk Local hub is held in Royal Shrewsbury hospital (RSH) every Friday afternoon from 2pm till 4:30pm by the chapel on the 2nd floor of RSH.

Carers can drop in to obtain information, advice and signposting to support services for family carers throughout Shropshire. Carers also have the opportunity to meet Cathy Ritchie or Michele Lee during the day in RSH when their loved one is a patient at RSH, either on the ward or in other venues in the hospital. Contact details are:

Cathy Ritchie – 01743 257897

Michele Lee – 01743 250577

Or email

Community Directories

Shropshire Choices hold information on organisations in local areas about groups and activities to support Carers’ own health and wellbeing

Funded support for carers

Carers are eligible for funded support in their own right and, following a Carer Assessment, may be offered a Carers Direct Payment award. This is only accessible from a Carers Assessment, which is separate to the assessment of the person cared for. More information on the national eligibility threshold for carers can be found in the Care and Support (Eligibility Criteria) Regulations 2014 or find out more by attending a Let’s Talk Local session or by contacting our First Point of Contact (FPOC) service