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I'm a self-funder

Can a self-funder have a direct payment?

A self-funder is the term we give to someone who pays the full cost for their own care and support requirements. This may be because:  

  • You've chosen not to approach us for help with your care and support needs; or
  • You've been assessed by us, but you're not currently eligible for care and support services; or  
  • You've been assessed by us as being eligible for care and support services, but you have savings or assets above the self-funding threshold set by the government, which is currently £23,250. If you have £23,250 or over in capital, savings or assets you'll be expected to pay the full cost of your care and support services. You'll still be entitled to an assessment of your care needs, and information and advice on available services. 

Can I have a direct payment?

Self-funders are entitled to an assessment and you'll be given advice and signposting for any support and services you may need. 

In certain specific circumstances we can arrange support for you, which could possibly include a direct payment, but as you'd be liable for the full cost it may be more straightforward to organise the support yourself. If you want to recruit and employ personal assistants yourself privately we recommend that you look at our PA section and the Skills For Care - 'Information for individual employers' pages.

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