Shropshire Council

20 week Educational Health and Care Needs Assessment (EHCNA) process

When an application for an EHCNA is submitted, the 20-week process below is followed.

Weeks 1 to 6

  1. Following the Educational Health and Care Needs Assessment (EHCNA) request being received, a panel will meet to decide whether to assess.
  2. If the decision is not to go ahead, your case officer will contact you by phone and confirm in writing to explain the decision and what happens next.
  3. If the assessment is agreed, we will write to you to give details of the process including
    - who will be involved
    - the information that is needed
  4. If there are any services/therapies involved with your child/young person, you should share details at this stage if you haven’t already.
  5. It is important to ensure that we are given the completed Section A (All about me/All about us) including your hopes for the future.

Weeks 6 to 14

The LA will seek advice from all agencies identified. This may include:

  • health care professional
  • education professionals
  • educational psychologist
  • social care
  • any other agency the LA thinks is appropriate
  • any agency that parents or the young person reasonably request that the LA seek advice from.

Weeks 14 to 16

  1. The LA will use the information gathered to make a decision about whether or not to issue an EHCP
  2. We will write to you to inform you of the decision.
  3. If an EHCP is needed, your case officer will use all of the information gathered during the assessment to prepare a draft (proposed) EHCP.

Weeks 16 to 17

  1. The draft EHCP will be sent to you and all professionals who have contributed to the assessment.
  2. When you receive the draft EHCP you will be asked:
    - your preference for the education setting
    - If there are any changes you would like to be made to the EHCP before the final plan is issued.
    - Your reply must be received within 15 days
  3. The local authority must agree with a parent or young person’s preference for a school or college unless:
    - the school or college is unsuitable for the child or young person’s age, ability, skills and SEND.
    - the child or young person’s needs cannot be met without affecting the education of other children/young people already at the setting.
    - placing the child or young person at the setting will be an inefficient use of the local authorities resources.

Weeks 17 to 19

  1. The LA will consult with the local mainstream provider along with any parental preference and with reference to efficient use of LA resources.
  2. The education setting/s will have an opportunity to confirm that they are able to meet the needs of your child/young person as identified in the draft EHCP.

Weeks 19 to 20

  1. The final Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) will be issued.
  2. You will be sent further information about what you can expect to happen next.